PERIODIC TABLE(This table has lots of basic info and super photos of the elements and how they are used.)
UNIT CONVERSIONS (This link will allow you to convert just about anything to something else.)
ASK A SCIENTIST (This is a great site to answer those random questions you have about chemical phenomena.)
HOW STUFF WORKS (This link will tell you about the world of gases and other "stuff" you've been wondering about.)
CHEMISTS A TO Z (The lives of contributors to the field of chemistry and physics through the centuries.)NATIONAL MOLE DAY (Check out what's happening on October 23rd)CHEMISTRY RESOURCE LINKS(Chemistry animations and interactive tutorials)SOHO MISSION(Check out what's new on the sun.NASA(This is the official site of NASA. Check on the Shuttle and the International Space Station.)SPACE (This gives you daily info on many astronomical goings on.)